Tired of events?..check out the new Doom Patrol now with added Metal Men

The Metal Men, originally created in 1962 have a bit of a resurgence since DC’s 52 and now they will be the back up to the new Doom Patrol.

The new look Robotman

The new look Robotman

The original Doom Patrol was one of my favourite team books, alienated heroes before the X-Men, when they were re-imagined by Grant Morrison years later, I was ecstatic.  It was a masterful reworking.  I was incredibly dissappointted by the John Byrne version a few years ago.  But I am seriously seriously excited for this one.  Not because of the Metal Men (which, don’t get me wrong is very cool), not because one  of my favourite teams are back but because the writing team on this book are those JLI favourites, those lovable scamps J.M.DeMatteis and Kieth Giffen.  Oh yes the old team is back at DC.

The other thing that got me excited was the answer they gave when asked, “What kind of people would buy this book?”

Someone who doesn’t require big events and over-the-top angst in their comics. We’re just having some fun here. Strong characters involved in solid adventure stories with lots and lots of snarky dialogue.

Now that’s right up my street.

Apart from Robotman I don’t know who else is back but the big clue is that they are using the ‘classic’ roster apparenntly.

So who’s with me, I don’t know what the release date is but my money’s already on the counter.

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