Titan Comics and Dan Boultwood Releases Trailer for ‘It Came!’

IT CAME! CoverSo… there’s a brand spanking new trailer for Titan Comics upcoming series It Came! from the very talented  and dapperly dressed Dan Boultwood.


It Came! is a 1950’s comedy B-Movie style series in 4 parts. It’s a story about how a misogynist scientist and his comely assistant try to save the earth from a giant robot.

Said robot is hell-bent on killing us all in our beds, while we sleep soundly dreaming about nice stuff…like bunnies and cricket.

We love Dan Boutlwood’s artwork. He’s known for collaborating with writer Tony Lee on a number of projects including Hope Falls, The Baker Street Irregulars and Prince of Baghad for DFC.

This is his first creator owned series flying solo and we can’t wait to get our hands on a copy! For a taster of what to expect have a look at the trailer below.

It Came! #1 will be in your local comic shop from August 7th

Source: Titan Comics
Reporter: Sara Westrop

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