Transdimensional #1 adds a Stetch Goal Offering a Free Digital Graphic Novel

First off big GS congrats to writer Michael Gordon  and the rest of the Transdimensional #1 creative team who have got their upcoming sci-fi comic funded on Kickstarter. I’ve been lucky enough to get an advanced look at Transdimensional #1 and while it’s 100% not finished (Not all the pages have been coloured) it promises an intriguing underwater sci-fi horror adventure.

TRANSDIMENSIONAL is a 4-issue sci-fi/horror miniseries, which will be published as a full graphic novel by TPub Comics, who have given the world other dark delights such as THEATRICS, TORTURED LIFE and TURNCOAT. These were all successfully funded using Kickstarter, and I hope Transdimensional will follow suit.
The story focusses on Deacon Price, an emotionally broken underwater archaeologist who charters an expedition, under false pretences, to a downed Soviet submarine that’s been missing for decades. What he and his crew find there will not only put their lives at risk, but also the lives of everyone they’ve ever known! The story gets progressively darker, more intense and horrifying as it goes along, leading to a gory and harrowing conclusion.

Having hit their £1000 goal for the project  have put together a stretch goal for when they hit £1500. Upon hitting this next target every Transdimensional backer at Print Level and Above will be able to choose a digital copy of any TPUB graphic novel.

If you’re a current £2 backer all you need to do is add £3 to their pledge to get your digital graphic novel. Not bad to pick up a graphic novel for an extra quid.

Below are the graphic novels you have to choose from.

TWISTED DARK’ Volumes 1 – 6

Writer: Neil Gibson

Artists: Various

Twisted Dark is a series of interconnected psychological thrillers, perfect for fans of twist endings and comics that reveal more on the second reading. Each story stands alone, but the more you read, the more connections you see between the characters. There are over 100 characters that appear more than once and one of the joys of reading is when you spot a reference that you know others will have missed. A rotating team of talented artists draw the stories, with each style offering something new.


Writers: Dan Watters (LIMBO, DARK SOULS) and Neil Gibson

Artists: Caspar Wijngaard (LIMBO, ASSASSIN’S CREED) and Jan Wijngaard (THEATRICS)

Richard can see how you’re going to die. And he hates it. Cursed with visions of death, he decides to take his own life… but instead finds himself plunged into a conspiracy involving, murder, cults and a quest for immortality. He’s having a really bad week.


Writer: Neil Gibson

Artists: Caspar and Jan Wijngaard

Tabatha is the story of Luke, an LA postman, but with the customary twist that readers have come to expect from writer Neil Gibson – Luke is also a thief, going back at night to rob empty houses on his route. Unfortunately for Luke and his friends, one night they decide to rob the wrong house and things begin to spiral out of their control…


Source: Transdimensional Kickstarter
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