Tron fever hits the Baby Boomers web comic – ‘BabyTronic’

If you’re sick of waiting for Tron Legacy to come out and you want something to help pass the time then check out the latest Tron inspired Baby Boomers ‘BabyTronic’ strip over on the Markosia website, which features some awesome Tron style artwork.

The premise of the Baby Boomers web series is simple …

Think Calvin and Hobbes meets Spy vs Spy and you’d not be too far off Baby Boomers. The heartwarming tale of two adorable infants and their ongoing desire to cause each other as much physical pain as possible.

Join writer Richard McAuliffe and artist Chad Cicconi as they do their part to convince the next generation of comic readers that perhaps having children of their own one day might not be the best option to take.

The script is by Richard McAuliffe who reviews on the GS website and is co host of  the podcast ‘Everything Comes Back to 200ad’ and the art and colours are by Chad Cicconi and Rob Jackson (who is also responsible for our logo, avatars and banner on this website).

If you want to see more of the strip then head over to the Markosia website and check out this and all the Baby Boomers stories.

I may be bias but I think you’ll find that talent always speaks for itself.

Source: Markosia

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