Wanna Help Rosarium Publishing to Keep Putting out Diverse Books and Comics? Us Too!

One of the joys of running this site or talking nonsense on a podcast that more than two people listen to(thanks you three!) is that you get to talk about stuff that’s important to you.

Now aside from doing Geek Syndicate I’m also a prose fiction writer. I have  also published some comics and co-written a four part audio drama. The reason I’m saying this is not to now say go buy my stuff (crap I just said that didn’t I?) but so that when I say I understand how hard it is to undertake any creative endeavour you know where I’m coming from.

All of this leads me to a indiegogo project for Rosarium Publishing, a publisher of diverse books and comics that I was told about today that touched a raw nerve. I thought what is the bloody point of having a platform like GS and not using it to support something I think sounds like a great project?


What I love about this project is that while a good chunk of the internet has been complaining about how tough things are and how certain voices aren’t being heard (yes this is me on certain days) here comes Bill Campbell and Rosarium Publishing. Now rather than be another voice Bill decides ‘sod that I’m going to do something about it’. I can certainly relate to that stance and the fact that Bill has been running Rosarium Publishing out of his own pocket for the past few years.

Rosarium Publishing was started in 2013 with one goal: to bring true diversity to publishing so that the books and comics we enjoy actually reflect the fascinating, multicultural world we truly live in today.

We publish science fiction, crime, steampunk, satire, comics and represent over 40 artists and writers from all over the world. With the success of this campaign, we will be able to print thousands of books and continue our mission to further our quest for diversity in publishing with the high quality of work you deserve.

What I love about the goal of Rosarium Publishing is that it isn’t about raising the profile of one or two sets of people but trying to create something that is truly multi-cultural, with the only benchmark being that ‘your work needs to be good’. It is such a simple idea but something that so many book publishers, agents, TV and film companies claim to do and woefully miss the mark. You only need to watch Bill’s youtube campaign video to see the breath of creative talent involved. What you also see is Bill’s quiet determination…there’s is steel behind those mild mannered eyes. I got the sense that regardless of the outcome of the crowdfunding project Rosarium Publishing isn’t going anywhere.

One of the reasons Bill has created the indiegogo campaign is to have the funds to move away from print on demand which is too expensive to rely on. Again I can testify to that fact and Campbell’s desire to use some of the money that comes in from the campaign to hire a publisist. The second thing you discover when you publish you first novel, comic or whatever is that marketing that bad boy is a full time job.

The Indiegogo project sill has 10 days to go and has raised a little over $10,000 and it has 13 days to go.

I think it’s great that we are living in a time where everyone is clamoring for change of some sort. Yes it’s hard and for every battle won the war still seems far from over. But by supporting projects like Rosarium Publishing and folks like Bill Campbell it sends a message. It says that we not only want the world to change but we will put our hands in our wallets or purses, we will roll up our sleeves and we will work our butts off to make that change happen.

Best of luck to you Bill. Take a look a look at some of the other creators involved with the project. Some great ideas in there!

Source: Indiegogo

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