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The African Comic Book industry is rapidly growing. Across the continent and beyond, African artists are working to produce a plethora of comics that showcase Africa’s rich history and culture. However, very few African comics and creators are known in the mainstream, making the task of sourcing them seem a little daunting. It was from this very issue that Kugali was born.

Kugali is a digital platform for African comics, with the aim of showcasing the best narratives from Africa. Kugali allows readers to discover African comics, and artists to share their work and connect with their fans. The website is curated into different categories which include sci-fi, African mythology, and urban fantasy. The content on Kugali is pretty diverse, with each piece offering a little glimpse into Africa from the perspective of Africans.


Here are a few comics worth checking out on Kugali:


The Kugali Magazine, currently on its pilot issue, is a great place to start for those interested in African comics. The magazine will be a monthly publication to which you can subscribe for online or print copies. Issue Zero contains three comics from Zimbabwe, Nigeria, and Kenya. Each comic brings a unique take on African art, culture and aesthetics.












Set in an apocalyptic future, Voyager explores futuristic themes and space travel from a unique and fresh perspective. Humanity has fled to a constellation of planets developed by the United Conglomerate, protected by a force called the Space Corps. A Space Corps captain stumbles across a discovery that could revert the apocalypse on Earth. This sets him on a collision course with the United Conglomerate, who are profiting from housing mankind on their planets.



Jinx follows the story of 17 year old Eno, raised in an orphanage and plagued with a chain of misfortunes since her childhood. She begins to discover her true origins and has to juggle being a human and a spirit. The normal life she craves is continually disrupted by the villains from the spirit realm she is forced to battle. Voyager and Jinx come together in one comic.



Yohance: The Ekangeni Crystal is a space opera inspired by ancient African cultures from Hausa to Zulu. The comic revolves around a notorious master thief who inadvertently finds himself at the center of a centuries-old intergalactic conflict. Aesthetically, Yohance is Afrofuturism at its finest. Every aspect of the comic is inspired by African art, craft, architecture, and design patterns.
















 Watch the tutorial on how to use the Kugali website to explore African comics and art.



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