What do Firefly,Labyrinth, Steampunk and Dark Marine Fantasy have in common?

Anything that mentions Firefly, Labyrinth and all  things Steampunk I say is worth a look see…don’t you?

I’ve had a look around the website and it’s really well put together and gives you a real sense that these fellas are building a rich undersea world for the reader.

I definitely plan to have a read of this to review on the podcast soon.

Check out the Press Release for all the info on the new webcomic Border Crossings.

For Immediate Release – December, 2009

How would you feel if you almost drowned in a surfing accident, only to surface for air in a strange oceanic world, where an undead navy hunts humans and your only allies are a crew of displaced creatures operating a steampunk cuttlefish? Welcome to BORDER CROSSINGS, a dark marine fantasy where a salvage submarine’s extraordinary crew must redefine freedom for their sinking world.

BORDER CROSSINGS is a high-quality webcomic where Firefly and Labyrinth meet in a nautical mash-up. As of November 2009, over 30 pages of full-color story have appeared online at http://www.thelastisland.com. Designed to be a five-part, 118-page story, BORDER CROSSINGS is a “beautiful work,” wrote Laura, one of the comic’s loyal readers, “The characters and themes are intriguing and original. The art is amazing, and everything is well researched.” BORDER CROSSINGS has already attracted a devoted following because of its quality, stunning artwork and strong story. Best of all, it is free to read online!

Unlike some webcomics, BORDER CROSSINGS does not bombard its readers with advertising banners that sacrifice quality comics for a quick buck. Each page is of the highest caliber, with vivid artwork by Savannah College of Art & Design graduate Andrew Sides, who specializes in sequential art. Writer Christian Sager creates an “engrossing” story according to another constant reader, who also commented: “I’m hooked!”

BORDER CROSSINGS has a reputation for timely updates. Every week the story moves forward and if the creative team requires a short pause, they work from a back catalog of finished pages. They even treat the readers to bonus material, such as a “field guide” to the story’s unique setting.

“World-building was my favorite part of creating BORDER CROSSINGS,” says Sager, “I wrote a story with weird monsters, sentient aquatic cultures and retrofitted ‘salvage punk’ technology to thematically navigate the global village vs. global pillage debate.” As interesting as the readers find the story, they seem similarly enthralled by Sides’ art. “The artwork for this comic is beautiful,” wrote another reader. Below are four examples of Sides’ distinctive style:

Convention edition cover: http://www.thelastisland.com/comics/2009-06-01-coverA-cd776423.jpg
Page 6: http://www.thelastisland.com/comics/2009-07-03-006-67912cad.jpg
Page 8 : http://www.thelastisland.com/comics/2009-07-17-008-aa52ea1c.jpg
Page 18: http://www.thelastisland.com/comics/2009-10-09-018-1dc0ac1e.jpg

After only the equivalent of a single, print issue appearing online, BORDER CROSSINGS already has close to 2,000 absolute unique readers, who spend an average of over 3 minutes on the site. Whether as a printed mini-series or as a graphic novel, this comic has such strong reader loyalty that the creators are convinced it will meet Diamond Comic Distributors’ required order minimums. They intend to guarantee reader devotion to a print edition by offering exclusive content not available on the free webcomic.

The growing community at http://www.thelastisland.com enjoys the webcomic because of its professional work, its energetic art and its immersive storyline. Prepare yourself, as BORDER CROSSINGS submerged into its second chapter on November 27, 2009. Read it free online!

And you thought the world had nothing new left to offer you?

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