What the Deuce?! Fear Agent The Movie!!!!

Fear Agent from Rick Remender and Dark Horse Comics to become a movie

Fear Agent from Rick Remender and Dark Horse Comics to become a movie

What the Deuce?! Possibly one of the best comic books out there; Fear Agent, is being made into a movie. According to Empire Online Universal have signed a deal with Dark Horse Comics to produce a movie based on the many adventures of Heath Huston everyones favourite Space-Drunk.

For anyone that doesn’t know Fear Agent, it’s a space adventure book following Heath Huston the last of  the Texas based earth defenders the Fear Agents; now drifting around the universe pretty much drunk and disorderly drifting from one disaster to the next.  Rick Remender writes the book with  Jerome Opena and Tony Moore taking it in turns on art duties giving it arguably some of the best and exciting talent working in the industry today.

So let the speculation begin, who should play Heath Huston? Empire suggest Ben Affleck, not a bad choice he certainly looks like Heath and he’s got the action chops. Not really seen him in anything recently although he was the bomb in Phantoms. As long as he can do the Texas drawl I’m happy, maybe Luke Wilson would be good it has to be someone charasmatic and can play a mean drunk whilst looking good in orange. Sam Elliot for Heath’s pops, it’s a small role but pivotal he was made for the part.  Keep ’em peeled for more news coming as soon as it’s available.

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Source: Empire Online

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