X -Men First Class finds it’s Emma Frost

Casting is moving a long nicely for the long awaited X-men Prequel. Soon after Micheal Fassbender was announced as taking on the role of the young Erik Lehnsherr aka Magneto a young Emma Frost has now been cast.

Alice Eve, most recently seen in the film “She’s Out of My League”, will be taking on the role of the White Queen herself Emma Frost.

What do you think about this casting folks…good or bad?

GS Reporter: Nuge

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  1. Richard McAuliffe /

    I think I read X-Men First Class and Emma Frost wasnt in it.

    My worry here is that they’ve put her in to get Scott doing the “Do I go for the plain, bookish redhead or the sexy, confident blonde and OH LOOK, the redhead took off her glasses and flicked her hair and is actually gorgeous! Who the f**k knew?”

    Cool with them doing a younger cast reboot, just hoping they dont go too teen chick flick with it. Less Saved by the Bell, more Lost Boys please.

  2. lets face it! after the abortion that was Wolverine and the disaster that was x3 i have no hope for this movie! i would prefer them to wait a few more years and Reboot the X-man completely! starting with the First class story

    • geeksyndicate /

      Well personally I’m willing to give it the benefit of the doubt. I really enjoyed the adaptation of Kick Ass and this is pretty much the same team so that’s a good start in my book.

      • i’ll give it a chance! (hell i’ll be there on opening day) this will be the 5th movie in a franchise that really went down hill. but your right Kick ass was great so maybe they can turn this around!

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