Young People’s Comic Award 2016 Winner

Earlier this year the British Comic Awards committee decided on a shortlist of 5 comics to be given the consideration of over 100 young readers to judge. This was the shortlist

YPCA Nominees 2016

Lost Tales by Adam Murphy with Lisa Murphy (David Fickling Books) – Buy it here

Mega Robo Bros by Neill Cameron with Lisa Murphy (David Fickling Books) – Buy it here

Parsley Girl: Carrots by Matthew Swan (Avery Hill Publishing) – Buy it here

Tamsin and the Deep by Neill Cameron and Kate Brown (David Fickling Books) – Buy it here

Zorse by Ramzee with Liz Greenfield (Self published) – Buy it here

Last weekend young judges from far and wide attended a special ceremony at the (very fancy) Lord Mayor’s Banquet Hall in Leeds Civic Hall. Our many, many young judges have read, discussed and voted for the 5 nominated titles and have came to Leeds to be the first to hear which of the nominees has won.

Before the winner was announced our judges will have enjoyed talks from YPCA nominees Neill Cameron, Ramsey Hassan, Adam Murphy and Matthew Swan and learned the reasons, methods and secrets of how such comics are made. Then, finally, the golden envelope was opened (there really was a golden envelope) and the award was presented to…

Lost Tales by Adam Murphy and Lisa Murphy!BCA Logo


Huge congratulations to Adam, Lisa and the team at David Fickling Books!

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