Beautiful Creatures

Beautiful Creatures #1 of 2 written by Kurt J Wiebe, art by Ash Jackson, colouring and letters by Frank Zigorelli.  Published by Red 5 Comics

 The story opens with a guy standing on the top of the Eiffel Tower fighting inner demons and a realisation about himself, he ends up plummeting from the tower and starting to burn.

The story cuts to four girls in England starting university, they are from a variety of places and have slipped into an immediate and close friendship.  On their way home from a night out we can see they are being tracked by some grotesque looking creatures who mention smelling ancient blood. The girls then have a sleepover and all dream of a burning man, and on waking are being attacked by gnome like creatures.  One of the girls, Kendra, screams which blows a hole in the wall and kills most of the creatures, they go off separately to research the creatures and the burning man and he appears (with a fairy) to Kendra and explains he is stuck inside a tree and the fairy will lead her to him.  She promises to rescue him and gathers the girls to go and find him.  Whilst she pulls him from the tree they are attacked again by zombielike creatures and each girl exhibits some form of power.  Kendra has a flashback to a previous life and a massacre. Eric (the burning man) has similar memories and they jointly decide to stop history repeating itself and join the fight.

The good points, the art in this comic is glorious, really sketchy and beautifully realised.  The scenes of the Eiffel Tower are exquisite. It is my favourite type of artwork and it lends itself to a fairy story beautifully well.  The colouring is also beautifully done and the muted tones used are gorgeous and it matches the artwork really well.  The story ploughs along very quickly and is very action packed and never boring. 

 However, the story doesn’t seem to quite know which way to go. The scenes which are “fairy” based are incredibly clichéd; the girls are very girly and gossipy but then are totally unphased by these bizarre things happening to them, and they are very kick arse the moment the shit hits the fan.  The way the girls just accept their oddities and the ease with which they defeat their enemies and rescue Eric doesn’t create any tension and you never feel that they are in any real danger because of this.  The present day (though it does say it’s set in 2012 – not sure why unless the Olympics is going to make an appearance!) and the fairy don’t quite gel, they don’t feel like they are part of the same story. 

 Saying all that though the comic is very charming and has lots of good ideas and I would be interested enough to pick up the second issue to see how it is resolved.

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