Cinebook – A Whole New World

It is a real pleasure to come across something a little different in the world of comics. Swamped by the big two publishers and their cross-media rampage it’s all too easy to forget the other folk out there producing quality work – not only on the small press and indie scene (listen to Small Press, Big Mouth for stellar insights and reviews) but also working in other languages and stemming from different cultural heritages.

Cinebook have been acquiring and translating some of the best French and Belgian comics for the UK Market now for 6 years and I’m gutted it’s taken me this long to find them.

Over the next week or so I will be posting reviews of several of their books. I’ll be sharing my overall impressions, picking out certain elements and panels which stand out to me, relating the books to other stories and media I am reminded of and finally giving them a mark out of 5.

I am not a comics expert, but I enjoy a good story. Let’s see what I can uncover for you.


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