CLiNT Issue 1 – The Review

Ok I’ve just finished reading the first issue of the Clint magazine and I realised there was a big twist with magazine. It was twist that like M. Night Shyamalan at his best  (I know it’s been a while M. mate) I didn’t see coming. The twist is this magazine isn’t aimed at me, yes it has comics that I’ve read or were planning to read but it’s still not aimed at me. This is aimed at the fifteen year old Barry Nugent, the one who swore like the best of them at school but wouldn’t even risk saying the word ‘damn’ in front of his parents  for fear of reprisals, usually involving Dad’s belt (no my home was not like the Crosby show with an affirming life lesson when you messed up I’ll let you figure out what exactly did happen).

So as a forty one year geek (hmm that’s sounds bad) I enjoyed the first issue and the articles did make me laugh out loud at the sheer inappropriateness of them. Features such as Hit Girl Wordsearch (if you don’t get the first word in less than two seconds close the magazine), Deeply Moral Babes, Celebrity Murders,Deeply Questionable and my personal fave Hot TV Mums (what?). However somewhere at the back of my mind fifteen year old Barry is laughing his ass off.

There were some other cool features such as the interview with Jimmy Carr and the rather weird ‘The Chinese Tom Cruise’.

I can see a lot of folks (and certain newspapers) losing their minds over the whole what are they doing giving this kind of stuff to our boys (I’ll let people far smarter than me to argue over those points. I’m here to talk about the magazine rather than it’s social implications, if any other than to entertain and raise a laugh or three).

CLiNT feels like a lads mag with comics in it rather than the other way around, which will probably help with trying to attract non comic readers. I thought when I first opened the mag and saw some of the articles that the comics would be a jarring addition but given the subject matter of the comics chosen they fit right in with the tone of the magazine.

The first comic was Kick Ass 2 which got off to a solid start with some great fun dialogue and the usual fantastic art from John Romita Jr.  I’m looking forward to see where Kick Ass and Hit Girl take us for round two.

Nemesis is a title I had yet to read before it’s appearance in CLiNTand this was my fave comic of the issue (which is high praise given how much I like Turf).

Nemesis  poses the question “What would happen if Batman was a villain?” the answer is a lot of bad things to a lot of people. The Nemesis of the title really is a guy you don’t want to get on the wrong side of and after his opening moves in this first issue I was left wondering “How can Millar top is?” I’m guessing the response will be a load more body parts sprayed liberally across the panels of future issues.

Nemesis is now in production as a big budget film. I’ll be interested to see if, like Kick Ass, the production team won’t skimp on the violence or whether we get a watered down version.

Frankie Boyle’s first comic outing with Rex Royd was loud, crass and pretty funny (I know no surprises there).  I’m always a sucker for seeing things from the the evil mastermind’s point of view. I wasn’t that sold on the art and time will tell whether it becomes too much for me as I read more.

I’ve already reviewed and spoken about how much I already enjoyed Turf so rather than reinvent the wheel I’ll just say that yep second time around it’s still a great read.

The comics line up concluded with, I’m guessing, the Twilight Zone inspired Huw Edwards Space Oddities which was a fun little read to round up with. This is the kind of strip I can see having a load of guest artists and writers having a crack at.

One of the things I really loved about CLiNTwas seeing some of these comics given a bigger page size as given some of the art on display I thought it worked well.

So overall the forty one year old me thinks CLiNT is a mixed but solid bag that he would keep picking up, mainly for the comics (and maybe a part two of Hot TV Mums and to see what other dodgy questions Jimmy Carr can dream up with Deeply Questionable).

The fifteen year old version of me would give CLiNT two thumbs up and be quietly thinking of places he can stash it where his folks can’t find it.

CLiNT hits the stands 2nd September.  For more info head to the CLiNT website

Mark Millar and Jonathan Ross will be signing copies of CLiNT on Thursday 2nd September at 4.30pm at WH Smiths in London’s Victoria station.

GS Reviewer: Nuge

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  1. I like the idea of trying to bring comics to a wider audience, but I was concerned that this would just be a vehicle to make comics acceptable in lad culture and that seems to be the case. Disappointing as this will only mean more bad press for an already misunderstood medium.

    • geeksyndicate /

      Personally I would say give the first issue a try before coming down to hard on it. yes there are lad elements and it does skate close to the edge but there’s a lot of other stuff in there that you would see in some of the mainstream mags like total film, sfx etc.

      Also this is the first issue so it’s all a learning curve.

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