COMIC REVIEW: 2000AD Issue No. 1882

On the newest cover of 2000AD there is a bare-nippled, moss-covered giant engaged in a vicious axe-on-axe fight with Slaine, one of the heroes of the weekly comic. Painted by Simon Davis the Celtic barbarian is one of the main characters of the five action-splashed stories that make up the issue.

The first prog follows the iconic Judge Dredd. Shooters Night, written by the man himself, John Wagner, which concludes in Part 4 where a spree of killings– always an unusual event in Mega-city, of course– ends at the barrels of Dredd’s weapons, but not before topping the list as the most casualties ever recorded in a single day in the city’s chaotic history. With street-punks named Zane, Biskowski and O’Bama, the real villain behind the spree is revealed to be more gentrified than any would have thought, and paves the way for next installment: Traumatown.

Nazi clones and giant cavorting Japanese monsters fill the pages of the next prog, with Part 3 of the multi-verse travel agency Indigo Prime. Tasked with recreating a wealthy German’s murdered daughter, the episode features Lee Carter’s rendition of Mothra and an unidentified Godzilla crony caught mid-coitus by the agency’s military specialist. It’s a trippy tale full of pop-references and tongue-in-cheek scenes written by a Mr. John Smith, who else?

Also in the issue was the continuation of Pat MillsSlaine: The Brutania Chronicles, as previewed on the cover and illustrated by the edgy paintings of Simon Davis. Every bit as bloody as Dredd’s Shooters Night, the serial had the celtic hero battling an axe wielding giant with heady results.

The last two stories, the iconic Tharg’s 3rillers Colony Part Three and T.C. Eglington’s Outlier round up this week’s issue with more bloody and eerie tales of alien invaders and murderous saviours.

All in the all 2000AD continues on its action-packed ride, with short, tight installments light on plot, heavy on blood and gore. If that’s your thing, you’ll enjoy the brief interludes of 2000AD Prog 1882.

GS Blogger: Jesse B

Rating: 3/5

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