COMIC REVIEW: Adventures Into the Unknown Archives Vol 2

DH_UnknownDark Horse’s second anthology collecting old ghost & ghoul stories from the Golden Age of comics.



“Memory is always kinder than reality” – that’s my byline regarding nostalgia as I get older, and the kindest way I can summarise this collection of old stories.

As with many of these Golden Age compendiums I have reviewed, this tome at 200 odd pages can be hard work, and needs to be consumed in bite size chunks. Adventures into the Unknown is a collection of pulp-style segments covering ghosts, mummies, Frankenstein, mythical beasts & legends rooted in dark unexplored regions of the Third World. Most of the stories are very simplistic and of their time: the characters are all very stereotyped: females scream a lot and make fatuous remarks, the villainous scientists are all disfigured, and the journalists are all tenacious with integrity.

What is really appealing about this book is that it is a snapshot in time: growing up reading these comics as a child, I loved seeing the original adverts for Lone Ranger silver bullet pens, Trigger-Lite Gun and the ubiquitous ‘Build He-Man Muscles in One Week!’. The letters page is also worth a read, especially from those who received a cheque for sending in a story that got printed (there’s a few of them as well), but personally I enjoyed the shocking reminder of how the USA of the time viewed Africa, South America and the Indian sub-continent – all witch-doctors, cannibals, spear-chucking natives etc… this was being fed to impressionable children, who presumably went on to grow up & send donations to the GOP!

As I said, to be consumed in bite-size chunks only…


GS Rating: 2.5/5
Reporter: SilverFox

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