COMIC REVIEW: Albert Einstein: Time Mason #1″Brain Game”

Today I have a new best friend and its name is Kickstarter. Over the past few years the site has done a bang up job in giving some fantastic comic projects a voice in the digital wilderness. It was through Kickstarter that I discovered the hugely successful pulp adventure Five Ghosts (now over at Image) and now it is giving me another slice from the pulp pie in the shape of Albert Einstein: Time Mason.

Albert Einstein: Time Mason is a swashbuckling, time traveling adventure series with a dashing young Albert Einstein as our hero. In the vein of “Doctor Who” & “Quantum Leap”. The Time Masons are a mysterious group entrusted with protecting Space & Time. They consist of the most brilliant minds from all dimensions and times. Using the time traveling pocket watch entrusted to him by a dying Time Mason, Albert carves his way through time itself as its newest protector.

Issue 1 goes straight for the pulp jugular by pulling that classic Indiana Jones trope of starting the story at end of a previous adventure. In this case the place is New Jersey, the year 2214 and Al (I hope he doesn’t mind me calling him that) is battling the dodgy Sci-Oscalists to recover his own stolen brain. I’ve always loved this story telling mechanic as  it is a great way to throw someone into the heart of the action. There are a few exposition heavy moments where we get bought up to speed on what a Time Mason but it’s so dammed fun that you don’t mind the recap. In fact there fist pumping cheer from myself when Al uses his full name for the first time.

Al himself, decked out in his green shirt and purple waistcoat, resembles a psychedelic version of Han Solo. Lets also not forget a moustache that would make any seventies porn star envious. It would was easy to imagine a young Tom Selleck playing him in my minds eye as I read through the comic. Also given Al gloves is a nice touch and again feels like a nice nod to Indy rather than a rip off.


Tony Donley’s art is lovely and the style is actually a little reminiscent of the art on Five Ghosts but with much a brighter palette. It also took me back to the Indiana Jones comics that Marvel were putting out back in the day.

The action is very well handled and is one of the best things about the comic. There is real sense of movement especially in the fist fight scenes.


The comedy one liners are peppered heavily throughout this breathless first issue. Some fall flat but most of them hit the mark and a couple provoked a few belly laughs. I love a serious comic but sometimes I just want to be swept up in a grand adventure and close the last page with a smile on my face rather than feeling like I’ve been beaten to a bloody mess in a back alley (52 Futures End I’m looking at you).

Even though there are hanging story threads waiting to be picked up this issue almost feels like a standalone pilot adventure. is one not only for fans of pulp adventure which given the amount comign out these days is quite a few but also for those you looking for a lighter tone and bags of fun.

So if you loved pulp adventure with a lighter tone that puts it more on a par with something like Atomic Robo then I urge you check this one out.

If you pick up and enjoy the comic then check the kickstarter that the creative team have going for issue 2.

Title: Albert Einstein: Time Mason #1
Story & Art: Tony Donley
Script: Marcus Perry
Rating: 4/5

GS Blogger: Nuge


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