COMIC REVIEW: Batman/Superman

Batman/Superman is a new DC / Titan Comics title clearly looking to capitalise on the upcoming Man of Steel sequel, Batman vs Superman. In fact, Issue 1 has proudly emblazoned across its cover the words “The Dark Knight vs The Man of Steel”. This first issue opens with two stories, neither of which I had read previously…

Cross World – “The World’s Finest meet for the very first time! But who has possessed Catwoman? Who – or what – is killing Wayne Enterprises employees? And – most importantly – why are there TWO Batmen?!” This story kicks off almost as I had  imagined what the script for the upcoming film would be like. A young naive Clark Kent stumbles upon a weary Bruce Wayne whilst he’s undercover on the streets of Gotham. Neither man know the alter-ego of the other in this first meeting of The World’s Finest, but as we know their destinies are inextricably intertwined as they both try to discover why Metropolis-based Wayne Enterprise employees are being marked for death. All I can say is that the dialogue and thought bubbles between these two in their initial meeting would make a great movie scene…

Injustice: Gods Among Us – Chapters 1-4 “The digital-first smash of 2013 starts here! Welcome to a brave new world where crime has been completely eradicated by the dictatorial ruler of Earth: Superman! But first, dear readers, a flashback or two…” Reading this took my breath away and I couldn’t wait to pass this to my boys to read. The story starts of with a glimpse of a world run by a Draconian Superman, in a New World Order where there is no crime, but also very little free-will; the Dark Knight takes us flash-back five years, to a time when Clark & Lois discover that she is pregnant with their first super-baby, but the joy is short-lived as The Joker & Harley Quinn are on-hand to go on an anarchic spree, and the JLA are drafted in to take them down. If you haven’t read this before, then the twists this story take are awesome… a real game-changing script.

In addition to the superior storyline of Injustice, the other thing that separates the two is the artwork. There’s an air of “romanticism” (for want of a better word) around the artwork of Cross World, that I didn’t always like, or think was appropriate to the storyline, more so in Ben Oliver’s last six pages as the story took its own twist. Injustice on the other hand has artwork that is more visceral, and does a great job of conveying joy, grief, rage and in the Joker’s case, madness, and credit must go to the three teams who worked on different pages of the story in keeping the consistency throughout.

All in all, if you are new to the Big Boy Scout and the World’s Greatest Detective, then this is a great way to get ahead of the curve in anticipation of the upcoming sequel.

BatmanSuperman Comic _1

GS Rating: 4/5

Source: Titan Magazines

GS Reviewer: SilverFox

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