COMIC REVIEW: BlackAcre #7

BlackAcre_7_CoverThe post-apocalyptic tale of BlackAcre as told by Duffy Boudreau with art from Wendell Cavalcanti and Marc Deering begins a new arc as Hull adjusts to life beyond the walls of BlackAcre. At the same time, politics and plots thicken inside the walls of BlackAcre as many a question is asked about what’s going on outside the walls, and plans are made to kill Hull outside the wall.

Bird makes a plan to insert an double agent within The Yoke, as Greene sends Hull out on a mission. Hull adjusts to his life within The Yoke compound and his new “wife” Lee. Things get more desperate within BlackAcre as questions continue to be asked that could potentially cause big changes.

Duffy Boudreau’s story in this issue is great. Hull is finally shown as happy in the series as he spends time with Lee and generally goofs off. The bond the two have is already strong. The plot by Bird is something that will surely have large implications for the future story and Hull’s place within the community.

The art with Cavalcanti on pencils and Deering on inks comes together well. The moments that especially shine are the carefree moments when Lee and Hull are just having fun. Seeing Hull smile for once and seeing the warmth in his face in those panels was something nice to see. The contrast of that with the seriousness of the other characters was a great visual juxtaposition.

BlackAcre has been a consistent book with high quality and this issue is no different. The story continues on its mysterious path full of intrigue and power. This arc is sure to bring great change to the story and it will be great to read all about it.

Rating: 4/5

Reviewer: Leo Johnson

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