COMIC REVIEW: Charley’s War: Vol 8 Hitler’s Youth

Titan has brought together a collection of strips by Pat Mills and Joe Colquhoun from the pages of Battle. This time we meet a young Hitler.

Volume 8 of Charley’s war collects 30 “episodes” of the brilliant WW1 strip that appeared in Battle comic in the early 80’s. Firstly this collection looks and feels superb and the folks at Titan have done an amazing job of recreating the artwork from the original source material which at times was quite rare and not always in the best condition.

Written by Pat Mills the stories are fast paced and never let up for more than a few frames. Supported by the artwork of Joe Colquhoun the strips look great and immediately take me back to my youth when I used to buy Battle and read it in the laundrette on a Sunday.

In this volume it is late 1917 and Charley comes face to face with Germany’s most infamous son Adolf Hitler who is a young Corporal in the German Army. At times you start to actually feel the passion of Adolf and his commitment to the war effort. Meanwhile Charley is a sniper under the wing of Len Southgate and it is a game of cat and mouse between Charley and Adolf across No Mans land.

Original artwork

Next up we move to early 1918 and the action moves from the trenches to the skies where we follow Charley’s brother Wilf. I did not recall these stories to well so it was like reading it anew and I have to say I loved the artwork here by Joe with the air combat really coming alive.

Finally we are treated to Pat Mills strip commentary which covers all the episodes giving an incredible insight into the mind set of Mills when he was creating these stories and also how he worked with Joe on the visuals.

Overall I loved this collection and cannot wait to read more of Charley’s adventures.


GS Rating 5/5


GS Reporter: Montoya

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