COMIC REVIEW: Dark Chocolate: A Tale Of Christmas Fear

I had a glorious little treat in my e-mail, sent over by the delightful Brenda Kirk from Geektress.  It seems that last Christmas she and some folks decided, via the medium of Twitter, to pull together a mini-comic – partly for the sheer fun of it but mainly because they had to work at Christmas whilst everyone else was having fun (goddamnit).

What developed over the next few days was the deliriously warped Dark Chocolate: A Tale Of Christmas Fear.  It’s a cute little book with a wicked sense of humour.  With the accidental introduction of Satanic sugar to the special cookie mixture one Christmas, we witness dough-based confectionary around the world begin to rampage, whilst one poor man learns the horrid truth in the aphorism You Are What You Eat.

The artwork is confident in its simplicity and pretty darned cute, to boot.  If you love killer cookies, banzai biscuits and gingerbread goliaths then this is the book for you.  Whilst the bulk of the artwork is by Brenda (@brainconfetti) it also features several distinct styles brought in by the other creators as the cookie-catastrophe reverberates around the world.  Visually I was most impressed by the Samurai fortune cookies but for laughs I’ve got to pick the Oreo.

The book is 52 pages, black and white, 4.25″ by 5.5″   There is some swearing in the mix so they have given it an R-Rating.  However, they have also produced a child-friendly version with variant cover for those of you concerned with (not) corrupting your offspring.  Yay choice!  Yay obsessive purchasing of all variant covers!

It’s a brilliant fun little book and I heartily recommend it.  If you want to find out just ‘what happens when good cookies go bad!’ then go to Brenda’s Etsy page and snag yourself a copy.  It’d make a perfect stocking filler.

GS Reviewer: Dion Winton-Polak

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