COMIC REVIEW: Dungeon Fun #2

Book Two sees our heroes venture deep into the bowels of the dungeon Fun Mudlifter has spent her life on the outskirts of, and what they find there will challenge them to their very limits, or at least for the duration of this issue! Meanwhile, Madame Hel wages a campaign of intimidation against those that dared to complain to the Queen, and will Games ever get to sing his introductory song again? Ogres! Skellingtons! Door-to-door salesmen! Dungeon Fun: Book Two has it all!

A sound test as to whether I’m enjoying a comic or not comes about sixty percent of the way through. At this point I inevitably glance at how much of the book is left. The emotion that follows this quick shufty at how much remains is a perfect encapsulation of how I feel about the piece as a whole.

Resignation – the book is terrible, when will this end, why is everyone so stupid and hateful including me for not abandoning it earlier?

Happiness – I feel like I ought to like this book; I am nearly at the finish line, nearly able to cross this book off my list and have informed opinions about it. I will be able to pop out a relevant bon mot over martinis, at the sequential-narrative cocktail party which takes place only in my dreams.

Excitement – This is a good book. I must rush to the end, and find out how this all works out, and buy more things by this team and, and, and, oh my goodness COMICS HOORAY!

With Dungeon Fun I felt this excitement but also a tiny, terrible stab of sadness. A fine stiletto of despair. This’ll be over soon, I thought. Then I’ll have to wait for more. I don’t want to have to wait for more.

Dungeon Fun #2 is the new book from Colin Bell and Neil Slorance. It continues the tale of Fun Mudlifter, a sword, and Fun’s quest to get through the dungeon. Except it’s also about the myriad of assorted companions, adversaries and npcs who populate Dungeon Fun’s fantasy world. Ms Mudlifter is the gung-ho adventurer centre, orbited by a charmingly drawn cast of lonely ogres, conniving businessmen, goat dungeon planners, and a deadly blond ninja.

Bell and Slorance have created a stunning all ages book which dashes from joke, to fight, to joke again. Rather than just chucking in some laboured punning names and a fistful of tired references, Bell and Slorance ensure that the writing and art deliver proper laugh out loud moments. This is more than just Bell’s cracking script, more than just Slorance’s vibrant and adorable art – Dungeon Fun uses page layout to give proper rhythm to the comedy. Pauses, reaction shots and cutaways allow the funny to breathe; proper timing lets it hit home like a +3 mace blow.

Dungeon Fun, to me, takes its inspiration not from fantasy comics or novels, but from Knightmare, Zelda, D&D. Like these Dungeon Fun understands the world of fantasy can be a place for play. For silliness. For shouting at monsters, waving swords, and messing about. If you’re after an all-ages book which is gorgeously drawn and very, very funny then your quest is at an end. I loved it. More please, and soon.

Spellcasting: F-I-V-E, O-U-T, O-F, F-I-V-E

Dungeon Fun 0202 Dungeon Fun 0203

Title: Dungeon Fun #2

Creative Team:Colin Bell (writer), Neil Slorance (artist)

Publisher: Dogooder Comics

Score: 5/5

GS Blogger: Tom T – @Silent_Tom_T

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