Comic Review : Galactus – The Real Story

So the concept of this is quite clever. It basically puts you in the position of a viewer of a sensationalist television show (Monsters, Myths & Marvels) which is doing a special documentary on Galactus. Not just that, this show is claiming that Galactus was made up as a PR stunt by the Fantastic Four in order to make themselves appear as heroes and thereby avoid prosecution for the theft of the rocket ship in which they gained their powers. This argument is put forward by the presenter and backed up with interviews and studio re-enactments of key events, all slanted to make the Fantastic Four look like underhand con men who have tricked the entire world.

I really enjoyed this twist on the whole Marvel Universe and liked how they showed that anything is open to interpretation, especially once conspiracy nuts get hold of things. Were the Marvel Universe real, you can guarantee there would be actual shows like this on television so it was fun to see how one would play out and I hope this becomes a semi regular title as it would be fun to see other classic events from Marvel’s history getting debunked in this manner.

Dont know if this was a rush job at all, but the cover is an actual splash page from inside the book with the title banner stuck over the top. Can’t remember ever seeing that being done before. Oh, and though it is a 48 page comic, at least 15 or so are taken up with a reprint of a classic FF vs Galactus story by Lee and Kirby, so buyer beware.

Stars – 4
Slaps – 2 … one for the lazy cover, one for the reprint when they could’ve stuck in another short expose story.

GS Reviewer: Bluemeanie

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