Comic Review – Jackie Rose #1

Jackie Rose is an action packed pulp fiction comic set in an alternate 1946. It’s “Indiana Jones” meets “James Bond” with a female lead.

Issue #1 Our hero, Jackie Rose is a fledging treasure hunter who has to scrape by working part time at a diner and living at home with her dad in Chicago. Jackie’s life gets more complicated when she takes a job from a man known as The Frenchman.

It’s weird how certain things happen. I’ve spent the best past of this week trawling the internet looking for a company who could create a digital version of the comic adaptation of my novel Fallen Heroes for the iTunes store. I found a great Norwegian company called oxicomics and after a lengthy chat I decided to check out one of their self-contained iPhone comic apps to see how well they handled. They suggested I try a comic called Jackie Rose and one download and 59p later I was all set.

Jackie Rose is, if the blurb is to believed, a treasure hunting female cross between Indiana Jones and James Bond. I’m always dubious whenever anyone throws Indiana jones in a sentence to describe something but I’m happy to report this is a highly accurate description.

When we first meet Jackie she is on the run from nefarious near do wells with a mysterious artifact which she plans to sell to get out of her tedious life as a waitress. The chase culminates in a thrilling plane escape…sound familar? Now this isn’t meant as a dig as I loved the opening scenes as I knew straight away I was letting myself in for some good pulp adventure antics.

The art is bright and colorful, the dialogue between Jackie and her sidekick Eddie is sharp and funny in fact by the end of this issue I was reminded of another of my fave pulp adventurer’s… Atomic Robo. In fact Jackie would fit in quite nicely in robo’s world and vice versa. She’s like the younger sister of The Sparrow (that’s one for the robo fans).

Jackie is everything you want from this kind of comic. She’s smart, feisty,tough and quick with either fist, foot or one liner but at the same time I found her a lot more believable than some of the other female indy types who have trod similar ground.

The app contains only the first issue but I later discovered that Jackie Rose is actually a webcomic which comes out every Monday and Thursday. If you don’t have an iPhone/iTouch or iPad to hand then I would recommend you swing by the website to follow Jackie’s adventures there. I plan to as I don’t know how long it will be before issue 2 comes out as an app.

The app itself works very well (as good as the Comixology app in my opinion) and 59p for a 20 page comic is a pretty good deal.

In any comic using the words pulp, adventure or Indiana Jones I expect to see at least two of the following –

A two-fisted, pistol firing adventurer (male or female).

A wise cracking sidekick.

Mysterious Artifact(s).

Disapproving parent (usually a scholar).

Big action set pieces.

Nazis , mad scientist, dictator or evil cult being on world domination.

Jackie Rose pretty much covers all of the pulp spectrum, with the promise of more to come. So if you’re after, in the style of Atomic Robo, which doesn’t take itself too seriously then give Jackie Rose a try.

Pick up the iPhone app here

Check out the webcomic here

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