COMIC REVIEW: Lobster Johnson: A Scent of Lotus #1

LobsterJohnsonASOLThe pulp hero of the Mignolaverse, Lobster Johnson, embarks on yet another adventure as he must figure out why Tong mobsters are going missing and why no one seems to be doing anything about it. And, in a world full of creatures like Hellboy, it’s never a good reason.

After giving chase, Lobster Johnson finds yet another Tong courier dead, with no killer in sight. The police and the Tong are taking notice too, as the police start to investigate the strange killings and the Tong begin to up the security for their couriers. Chasing after yet another courier, Lobster watches them come under attack, giving aid but ultimately failing to save them. As he reaches the Tong safehouse, Lobster Johnson finds that something terrible is responsible for all the deaths.

Mike Mignola has created his own little comic universe with Hellboy and the related titles. Lobster Johnson is an interesting addition, as he’s a pulp hero in a supernatural world. With the help of John Arcudi as co-writer, Mignola makes this issue a pretty good one. While this issue is definitely capable of being read on its own, I get the feeling that having read previous adventures of Lobster Johnson would likely help in understanding the character and how he operates. Even so, this issue is a gripping setup for what is sure to be a creepy and action-packed story.

Sebastian Fiumara on art and Dave Stewart lend a great look to Lobster Johnson. Fiumara’s art gives it that great sort of pulp look, while Stewart’s colors give great tones to the city around Lobster. The use of oranges and red against the darker, drabber colors of the city was a particularly nice touch.

While it may not be the most new-reader-friendly book, it’s certainly a solid book from a team that definitely knows what they’re doing. The great story and the beautiful art make it a book well worth a read.

Rating: 4/5
Reviewer: Leo Johnson

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