mara3The third issue of this visually stunning series is out now. We’ve been really enjoying this story from DMZ creator Brian Wood.


Set in the not to distant future, where athletes have top celebrity status and make millions, Mara follows the story of a world class athlete (Mara) who, it turns out, has superhuman abilities.

How will she adapt to these new powers? And how will her millions of fans around the world take this new development?

So issue three of Mara is a real slow burner. We have loved the fact that there’s still a mystery behind the titular characters powers. How has she got them? Will all of them develop over the series?

The world is still reeling from the revelation that Mara is a superhuman and her fans feel betrayed. The book opens with an assassination attempt, but the bullet bounces off. So we see another facet to her super powers.

Mara then works on sweet talking the media and trying to salvage her reputation. As a character she is still a bit of mystery. We just see her worrying about how other people react, not much of her own internal struggle. Hopefully we’ll see that develop in future issues.

The artwork is really beautiful, Ming Doyle is doing brilliant work with this comic. The faces are gorgeous and the background work is so familiar, yet still alien enough to really cement the futuristic setting of the piece.

Jordie Bellaire does a brilliant job colouring the artwork. Muted reds and warm blue hues, very 70’s style tones compliment Doyle’s artwork perfectly.

We’re halfway through the run now and with a bit of a twist in this ending, it looks like we’ll be seeing the story move in a new direction.

If you like thoughtful sci-fi, with strong characters and stunning artwork you will enjoy this book. We guarantee it.

Rating: 5/5
Reporter: Sara Westrop

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