409216_415966858458768_1824810415_nA heroic cop wakes up in hospital with no memory of stopping a pair of dangerous killers and saving a young woman’s life. As the memories seep back, it transpires that he may not have been the rescuer, and the real threat may not have been human.



Written by Tobias Elmore, and inspired by the likes of the X-Files, ShadowLand is a supernatural/investigatory type thriller for the Chris Carter/Millenium-type crowd. Shadowland is the story of Shadeland Detective Ian Gates, a hard-nosed cop coming closer to the edge as he buries himself deeper in his work, seeking part refuge from the emotional wreckage that is his married life, and part self-imposed penance. His single-mindedness has taken its toll on him and everyone around him, and as a former special forces member and a violent crimes detective, Ian thinks he’s seen all the ugliness the world has to offer. But, I’ll let Tobias deliver the pitch in his own words:

When Detective Ian Gates wakes up in the hospital he has a head wound and no memory of what’s happened to him. Despite that he wakes up a hero, the admiration of a terrified city raining down on him for apparently ending the lives of a pair of dangerous killers in the process of saving a young woman’s life.
However, as the haze clears, bits and pieces of the night he landed in the hospital beginning to return, two things become frighteningly clear. He may not have been as much the rescuer as the one being rescued. And, whoever or whatever he was being rescued from… was not human.

I don’t read independent comics enough, and this is a good example of why I should read more. Yes, the artwork is not as polished as Marvel or DC, but it’s a good story told well, as we relive Gates’ drunken haze of a night whilst he tries to recall exactly what happened to him – what was real, and what was the alcohol? In particular, I liked Elmore’s good use of dialog, especially in the rapport between Gates, his immediate boss, and Internal affairs, and as the story unfolds (part 2 is in the works, and thereafter the hope is to release more on a regular schedule, probably every 90 days or so), I hope the series succeeds.

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GS Rating: 3.5/5
Reporter: SilverFox

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