COMIC REVIEW: She Hulk #36

She Hulk #36
Written by Peter David
Art by Pasquale Qualano
Colours by Barbara Ciardo

So I’ve been reading She Hulk for a while now, through the Dan Slott days of it being an almost sitcom based at a law firm, through Peter David’s earlier and more serious stuff, and now up to here where he seems to be bringing the fun back…tho it might not seem it from some of what happens in this issue.

Before I get into the issue though, a note on the cover. While I do like Mike Deodato’s stuff, it really doesnt suit the mood of this book, especially when compaired to the almost cartoony art inside. Really think this is one of those times where having the interior artist also do the covers would benefit as the interiors are a stark contrast to the exteriors.

In the two previous issues She-Hulk decided she should do more to help humanitarian efforts and enlisted the help of the Lady Liberators (or as everyone else calls them.. The Bod Squad) to help out at an earthquake site. This team was originally put together by She-Hulk to fight the Red Hulk and consists of Jazinda, a skrull renegade, The Invisible Woman, Thundra and Valkyrie, and its the interaction and banter between these female characters which has made these last few issues so enjoyable. Its been a fun and funny read without slipping into parody and of course the gorgeous cheesecake art hasnt hurt things at all.

In this issue however She-Hulk, and we later find out Invisible Woman, accept a meeting with the countries dictator ruler and after being subdued by drugged candles wake up tied spread eagle to a bed, though still dressed of course, they have limits! We then have our bad guy stood over She-Hulk giving the line “..having ones way with a superheroine, even in her more mortal form, counts for something, doesn’t it?”

Yup…. we got superhero rape in our funny books people!
Now I gotta admit this made me feel more than a little uncomfortable, but of course they made their escape before he could lay a hand on them and got their revenge. And the writer has also done a good job on the whole battle of morals as to whether the villain should be killed or not based on what he was planning to do to them and has doubtless done to others.

So this 3 issue arc started out all fun and got quite a bit darker as it progressed and while I do like this book less serious it was still a good read. And again I really love the art style and think it really suits both the title character and the Lady Liberators who I’m hoping will continue to be a part of this book for a good while yet. Looking forward to the next issue.

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