COMIC REVIEW: The Last Ride Of Henry Holden

the-last-ride-of-henry-holdenGood comic book westerns aren’t exactly in vogue these days, but if you are missing them, then this is for you…



The Last Ride of Henry Holden is a morality tale, pure and simple. In truth it could have been placed any where, any when, but as a western, with its emphasis on honour and justice, it probably got the best treatment.

Set in Glory, Nevada, Henry Holden is a good man – a carpenter who has been swindled by the town’s local magnate, John Kelly, who has a digit in every pie, and hold on pretty much every citizen, financial or otherwise. However, the story is told through the eyes of David Samuels, the sheriff of Glory, who is given the task of going after Henry Holden, when he breaks into John Kelly’s home to reclaim the $970 that he is due.

The moral dilemma is that Kelly instructs Samuels to bring back not only the money, but Holden’s body, whilst in his heart of hearts, the Sheriff knows that Holden is a good man, and has indeed been swindled. After 3 weeks, the Sheriff returns with Holden’s body, shot in the face beyond recognition… But is it really Holden’s body that has been brought back? And what is the true story behind the man Holden?

I really enjoyed this, more than I expected I’m almost tempted to say, not because of simply message of the story, but the way it is told. Through the Sheriff’s eyes, we see the sympathy for Holden’s plight, the distaste in Kelly’s motives, and the disdain in finding his own sense of values compromised in being caught between the two

A simple story told very well…


GS Rating: 3.5/5
Reporter: SilverFox

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