Comic Review – The Stuff of legend

Stuff 1

Writers: Mike Raicht and Brian Smith

Artist: Charles Paul Wilson III

Publisher:Th3Rd World Studios

Back in May on Free Comic Book Day I picked up and did a review of the Stuff of Legend preview book that was released. It was with out a doubt the most memorable and enjoyable comic from this years selection. So much so,that I had to find out what happened next in the book and ordered the book at my local comic shop. I was a bit put of at first because the comic was quite expensive but I know it’s an independent title and its so obvious that a lot of love and attention has been put into creating a comic like this. About 2 weeks back the comic showed up and flicking through the book make me excited about reading it but whilst I can read some comics any where, this was a comic deserving of my attention and time and I wanted to set aside a day where I could take the time to enjoy it. So on to my review.

The Stuff of Legend is a story set in World War 2 where a young boy is abducted from his room in the middle of the night by the Boogeyman from the closet. The boy’s toys come to life and set off on a mission to rescue him. A odd collection of toys ranging from Teddy Bear to Piggy Bank to Jack in a Box venture into the closet to save their master. Once in the closet the toys take on a much more realistic appearance and suddenly seem to be much more of force than before. The first chapter of the story deals with a battle on a beach where the toy attempting to rescue the boy are attacked by an army of toys which seem to have been banished to the closet and have come under the sway of the Boogeyman and are now part of army. As the story progresses we get an insight as to why the first battle take place on a beach and are only given hints as to why the boy has been abducted.

This was a great comic to read and I enjoyed every minute of it and wanted a lot more than what was in there. Obviously it sounds like it has taken a lot of elements from Toy Story but I’m going to say that the two stories are vastly different and the only thing that is the same is that the toys come to life when no one else is around. When the move into the closet each of the characters in the book takes on a very realistic appearance and become much more intimidating. From reading the comic I cant help but think that each character in the book is there too represent different aspects of the boys personality, Max the Bear for example talks about how he was terrified the Boogeyman came out of the closet to abduct the boy, yet he knows he must face his fears and descend into the darkness to rescue the boy. To me this make me wonder if Max is actually displaying the boy’s fear of the darkness in the closet. Of course I could be wrong as at this point I don’t know where the story will go.

The artwork in the book is absolutely beautiful and highly detailed. It’s not black and white but it seems to be a cross between browns,khaki and black colours which give it an old time feel but it really suites the setting of the story. The battle sequences in the book look splendid and details on each character are fantastic. Out of all of the characters, Jack in the box looks very impressive and comes across as a little bit insane, which he should.


A great book to read and whilst reading this book I could not help but feel that it felt like I’m reading about a comic that will be still be talked about in years to come. If you can find a copy then pick it up as its a damn good read and I can wait for book 2.

GS Reviewer: Marcus

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