Comic Review -The Veil

The Veil

Writer:El Torres
Artist:Gabriel Hernandez

I picked up this book on a whim as I wanted something to read on the train journey home from Birmingham. I saw the cover and thought that looks interesting and picked it up.
The Veil is a 4 issue mini series from IDW and the first issue has been out for a few weeks now so should still be available in stores. The story in the comic follows Chris Luna who is a private investigator who works in union with the dead and the living. She works with the police to solve crimes where the dead relay information to Chris, and she communicate back to the police. It’s hard work for her and at times as Chris cant tell the living from the dead and the only way she makes her money is by getting the dead to reveal where they might have money hidden away or not yet cancelled credit cards. Of course she can only get the dead to reveal this information after she has solved their deaths/murder and its not always that simple as the dead often vanish once their deaths have been solved.
This causes Chris to think of her future as she cant afford to pay the rent on her apartment in the city but recently she had been left her deceased Aunts house in her old home town of Maine and decides to head back there.
That’s where the story really begins and on this journey back home we get to see that Chris’s ability to see the dead can be a truly horrific experience at times.


I really did not know anything about the book before picking it up and I had never heard of either El Torres or Gabriel Hernandez. After reading this issue I really would recommend that people pick up this quirky little book. The story is easy to follow El Torres dangles a few plot elements to keep you intrigued and coming back for more. Gabriel Hernandez artwork is very in-depth and highly detailed yet very grainy. Through out the book it looks like he has used a lot of mixed media to create different effects in the book. If you look at the start of the book which is based in New York City, the artwork looks very gritty and dirty and then later in the book when Chris has travelled back to Maine, the images look very crisp, colourful and vibrant. What I really liked about the artwork though was the true horror parts of the book, especially when we get a glimpse of The Slug Man but if you want to know more about him, your going to need to go pick up the book!

A great introduction to a new series and a new creative team for me at least. Its nice to see a good horror comic that does not have any zombies near it! A cracking read and I cant wait for issue 2!

GS Reviewer: Marcus

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