Comic Review: Thunderbolts #128


Spoiled to hell by the way. This is me forewarning you!

Ok, so lets start with the cover. This one is all kinds of cool. Sets up the new Thunderbolts rosta and of course the shadow of Norman Osborne’s insanity hangs over everything. Really nice art which sums up the dark ominous feel of this title. I’ve been reading Thunderbolts for a while now and its probably my favourite ongoing at the moment. Quick bit of background for anyone who doesnt know… The Thunderbolts program takes convicted supervillains and gives them privileges in return for them carrying out covert ops. So basically a comic book Dirty Dozen. In the aftermath of the Secret Invasion this book has really come to the foreground in the Marvel Universe as the teams leader, Norman Osborne aka the Green Goblin has effectively been handed the countries national security to look after. The bad guys are in control… fun stuff! The main point of this issue is to address the question lots of comic nerds have been asking… how could they trust the ex-Green Goblin with such an important role? In Secret Invasion while it was Norman who got the shot in which killed the invaders leader it did all seem a bit sudden. However in the preceding Thunderbolts issues they showed how cleverly he was manipulating the media to emerge from the situation as the worlds perceived saviour. That said, while that might be enough for Joe Public we see in this issue the concerns the government have and this is basically a meeting on Air Force One between Norman, Leonard Sampson (metahuman thunderboltspage4psychologist with Hulk-ish tendancies) and President Obama. You heard of him? He’s been in the media a bit lately – go look him up. Anyway he has been called to discuss the concerns they have with him and to defend himself against Sampsons claims of his insanity. This issue again shows the clever manipulation carried out by the Osborne character which has made him so interesting to read in this title the last year. He not only stages an attack on the plane which I’m sure will result in the president owing him his life in the next issue, but also chemically triggers Samsons Hulk Rage thereby discrediting him. They seem to write him like some grand Shakespearian villain and it really suits the larger than life character. He is the insane king. Between all this we get flashbacks showing the recruitement of some of the new Thunderbolts team. They have the new Black Widow, not sure about her yet. For some stupid reason it bothers me she’s blonde, but this is probably due to my having preferred the classic redhead (its a weakness). The Robert Kirkman version of Ant Man is also onboard as the comic relief and as you can see from the thunderboltspage18page I scanned up is as fun as ever and Im glad to see that while his own book was cancelled they have kept him going, previously in Avengers Initiative and now here. All in all a really cool book that will hopefully now get a bit more attention being as it is an important part of the whole Dark Reign crossover/event/theme/whatever.

Stars out of 5 – 4

Dry Slaps – 1 …. Im sorry, I’m sure Obama can heal the blind and all that, but seeing him in here was like “Oh, AGAIN! I delved into comics for a break from the mania”. So one for him

GS Reporter: BlueMeanie

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