wcfi_cover_sm_lgJess Fink teaches us that ‘Fart humour transcends age and time restraints’. And that it’s also cool to make out with your time travelling self.

Published by Top Shelf, We Can Fix It comes from famed erotic artist Jess Fink, she of the Chester 5000 fame – our favourite story involving a sexy Victorian robot, who gives it to the ladies so good!

Her new book book is an autobiography of sorts, and it follows the character of Jess Fink as she dons a very fetching bodysuit, then steps back in time to stop her younger self making a series of cringe worthy mistakes.

This comic is actually nowhere near as naughty as we thought it was going to be. Instead it’s a funny and emotional look through the artists past and the realisation she comes to, that it’s our past that shapes who we are in the present. So we gotta learn to take the good with the bad.

The artwork is glorious, very cheeky and expressive. The book is black and white, but despite the lack of colour its still very vivid!

We can’t stress enough just how fun this story is. It is FULL of fart jokes, including one of the most hilarious fart related pranks of all time, in our opinion, involving two children in a bathroom stall.

There are also some truly poignant moments played out in the pages. Jess lays bare the difficult (that is putting it mildly) relationship with her father and troubles at school, all shown with unflinching honesty. It’s actually very raw and touching.

But back to the funny! She actually seems to go back in time just to French kiss as many younger versions of herself as possible. At one point it just becomes a giant Jess Fink fur pile.

The only thing wrong with this book is that we never get to learn Jess’ idea of the perfect blow job. Maybe she can let us know that in the next book…

Rating: A very sexy 5/5

Reporter: Sara Westrop

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