Comic Review – X-Men Origins : Sabretooth

So this is a one-shot from Marvel giving us a look at the history of Sabretooth, a character I’ve never been that fond of but did enjoy in the recent “Hulk vs” dvd and am especially looking forward to in the new Wolverine movie. Yeah, he dont look like the classic Sabretooth there, but DAMN does he have the attitude down.

Anyway, back to the book. It starts with the young Sabretooth innocently killing his brother in a way that sets him up kind of like a wild animal that likes to play rough. As a result his parents lock him down in the cellar but he eventually gets free by gnawing off his own hand before taking his revenge on them.
Really loved the image of that, so have posted that as well as the cover. Actually I normally do a few words on the cover… and this one is cool. Though Im not sure if there is some symbolism in the broken fence in front of his groin. Is this the ultimate show of how hard he is supposed to be? Anyway, a cool cover image and I do like it when the interior artist does the cover as well.

Anyway, they then go on to show how the tradition of his arriving to cause shit on Wolverine’s birthday starts and then have a few jump forwards showing how he plays at being Logan’s friend between his Weapon X mindwipes, only to constantly turn on him once a year. The end is pretty much just a show that this cycle will keep on continuing as long as they are both alive.

As I said, I havent read much Sabretooth but I did really enjoy this one-shot and it has got me thinking I should check out some of his past run ins. Well written and well drawn, especially in the Old West portions. A cool little one and done.

Stars – 4
Dry Slaps – 2… 1 as I think it’s going to cost me some money as I look for a Sabretooth-centric trade, another as I now kind of wish he was in Thunderbolts but am pretty sure they killed him off last year.

GS Reviewer: Bluemeanie

Source: Bluemeanie’s Blog

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