Moose Kid Comics is a brand new free all-ages anthology. Spearheaded by Jamie Smart, it is available for exactly none of your local currency here: Go read it now and we can chat about it after the intermission.


Awesome, right? It’s a riot of colour, silliness, and joy. Moose Kid Comics is dense with puns and playfulness, packed with background jokes and imagination. All cut through with just the slightest hint of darkness and oddness to prevent it from becoming a saccharine mush.

New and established creators sit side by side in this celebration of know-all wombats, living cakes, and beautiful, supermodel, single-celled aliens. Smart calls Moose Kid Comics “a statement” and it certainly feels like one. It is a rallying call for how good all ages comics can be, a manifesto for the future of all ages comics.

With its knockabout violence and gentle anti-authoritarian tone, Moose Kid Comics echoes both classic Warner Bros. cartoons and British comics like Whizzer and Chips and The Beano. Its sumptuous visual variety and celebration of friendship call to mind Adventure Time and Calvin and Hobbes. This is the fizz and energy of characters having fun; creators unshackled from style-guides, branding requirements and merchandise tie-ins.

I’m sure that the great and the good of the comics world will be singing its praises, but right here, right now I want to talk directly to you gentle reader. Isn’t this what comics should be? Fun, funny, and inventive? Comics for children, for adults, for everyone. All of us laughing together at a slug detective drawing a moustache on an amnesiac. We can shape the future by supporting comics that we like. Send people the link to Moose Kids Comics. Download it and show your children, your relatives, your friends. Originality and fun should thrive. You can change the future. Spread the word.

Rating: 5/5

GS Blogger: Tom T – @Silent_Tom_T

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