Dark X-Men The Beginning – 1 of 3

The X-Men are getting into the swing of things with Dark Reign to speak of , well Norman has recruited Emma Frost to head up her own team after the recent event in San Francisco involving the anti Mutant group Humanity Now and the Mutant population. This came to a head with the riots and Norman being Norman took control the only way he could by organizing a group of less desirable mutants to act as the “good guys”.

This is where we start this new mini series , the first issue details the recruitment of the Dark Beast , Mimic and a shower room chat between Namor and Norman Osborne. The issue is split into three separate parts with different creative teams on each with complementing art styles that don’t jolt the reader like other multiple team books that have done this in the past.

But with very little new storyline this issue held my interest at least with some background on how Mimic and Dark Beast were recruited , although the way Mimic was recruited strayed a little too close to the Sentry’s storyline with Norman for my liking. The issue also dealt with the fallout of a previous Dark Avengers issue in which some Atlanteans had tried to take over a part of the US coast line but where wiped out by the Sentry under Normans orders , this issue seems to be worked out here between Norman and Namor (who looks a lot like Black Adam) but  the big flashing signal is that Namor is going to be involved in Normans downfall.

As is have said the art styles don’t jar the reader and compliment the mood of each scene . This was nice to see in flow of the shower room scene there was something going on rather than the “talking heads” the some Marvel books can fall victim to in my opinion. But all in all a good issue but next time I hope for a mission or at least some more compelling back story.

GS Reviewer: Mrcola

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