Final Crisis Aftermath Ink #1 – Review

Why? Why? Why? is the first question I asked myself.  I asked this because I really didn’t see the need to label this with the Final Crisis tag.  It gives the impression that this is part of Final Crisis and need to be read in order to fully understand the Crisis.  Let’s face it we know that the big 2 are blatantly lying whenever they tell us we just need to read the main book in any company wide event, so this just adds to the confusion.  On the other hand this is about a character that has been changed by the Crisis and the shape of his life in its Aftermath, so maybe I’m just talking bunkum.

Ink is the 1st issue of six which tell the ongoing story of Mark Richards, The Tattooed Man, former villain turned hero (he’s even got a Justice League membership card.  The tattooed man earned his stripes, had a crisis of conscience and changed his ways during the crisis and was even featured in a Final crisis one shot called…. in which he had to prove himself to his family, to the world and most importantly to himself.   The saga continues as Mark and his family returns to the ghetto in which they live.

The art here is phenomenal, it looks like is done with water colours and the partnership of Fabrizio Florentino’s  art with Michael Dimotta’s  colours is a truly beautiful thing and makes the action very organic and flowing.  And Pat Brosseau goes to town on the letters, It’s not often I mention a letterer, but this is one of those instances where the letters really add to the flavour of the book.

The story is great, and I get the feeling  that writer Eric Wallace is being influenced by TV’s the Wire.  We have gang members, who are recruiting Mark Richards son, we have crooked cops, who don’t believe that The Tattooed Man can change his stripes, so to speak, and we have a surprising final power which is about to add a new dimension to his powers.

To my surprise I throuroughly enjoyed this  and thought it was nicely executed, I only have one problem.  I read a story quite similar recently, a story about a guy and his family in the ghetto dealing with gang trouble and trying to get respect.  It was a Black Lightening story.  So that’s 2 black DC characters in the ghetto doing the reform thing. Great .  Fantastic. What are we, still in the seventies.  Please have we not moved on.  I have no problems with stories set in the ghetto and yes I know there are black people in ghettos. In fact tokenism doesn’t bother me where there are no precedents but the precedents were set a long time ago making this the worst kind of tokenism possible.  2 stories, one right after the other? Really? Or maybe I’m being blind. I’m sure there are plenty of white people in the ghetto superhero stories…….hmmm, let me think.

GS Reporter: Monts

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