Final Crisis Aftermath Run #1 – Review

In Final Crisis we saw the death of one of my favourite characters, Martian manhunter(always seems to happen to me) by the villain Libra.  The superhero community is out for justice and the man they want is The Human Flame who filmed the whole thing on his mobile phone.  This may have not been something that I would have picked up

a)because it says Final Crisis on the front cover and you all know how I feel about the senseless tie in strategies of the big 2 and

b) because I didn’t really think that its a story that would draw me in.

However, the writer is Matt Sturges who has been doing some incredible writing on Vertigo’s House of Mystery, so it ought I’d give it a go.  Sturges challenge is that of making a villain into a character that you can engage with for 6 issues. There’s a lot of this going around at the moment, with The Secret Six and Marvel’s dark reign. However Sturges gets around this by not even getting involved with that philosophy. The Human Flame, Mike Miller is a thoroughly nasty character with absolutely nothing redeemable about him.  For example, when he gets involved in a fire fight with some mobsters, he heads for a kids playground to take cover.  When challenged as to the morality of this situation, his reply is –

“Kids are short and they run fast.”

The results of watching this bastard scurry for his life are actually far more entertaining than I thought they would be. Freddie Williams II is a good artist and does his job here although I’d like to know whose idea it was to make the Human Torch the hairiest man alive, seriously I didn’t even know it was possible for humans to have that much body hair!

The title of this issue “Step One: Make a lot of enemies”, sums up the issue pretty well and despite myself I’m really looking forward to issue 2 – When Things Go Wrong. Seriously how much more wrong could they go.

GS Reporter: Monts

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