Geek Syndibyte – Zero G Comic Review


An international space race ensues when an asteroid containing enough precious metals to shift the balance of power on Earth is detected on a path through our solar system. When the U.S. Team arrives on the asteroid, they discover the remains of an abandoned alien mining camp. But when the U.S. ship is sabotaged and crew members go missing, it becomes clear that they’re not alone on the asteroid. Stranded, the remaining crew members must band together to survive the monstrous inhabitants on the asteroid, find a way off the rock and save Earth which now sits directly in the path of destruction. In the process, they discover a deep dark secret contained within the asteroid. It holds the key to both their destruction and to their salvation. But unearthing it will change the fate of humanity forever.

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  1. Dave Williams /

    Sounds really interesting, I shall keep an eye out for a trade.

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