Geek Syndicate – Episode 178 (Interview with Misfits Creator Howard Overman)

Welcome to another episode of the very finest geek entertainment around with your hosts Dave and Barry.

News: Leaked X-Men: First Class image, big announcements for The Dark Knight Rises, A ray of hope for Stargate Universe.

Week that Was: Superman Earth One and Walking Dead Hard Cover – Vol 4


In this week’s main we chat with Howard Overman, creator of the BAFTA award winning E4 show Misfits.

We learn how Howard got into writing and how he developed the concept of the show. There’s also talk about some of the aspects of series 2 (just how did he keep all that time travel stuff in his head without going mad?).  There is also an exclusive, never before revealed secret  from Howard as which member of the Misfits cast  was never meant to make it through the first series (can you guess who?). We round up with a  quick look forward to series 3 before Howard tells  us about  an event  the Misfits team will be hoping to attend this year (yes it’s a scoop, you heard it here first!)

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This week we have a pdf containing  the entire first issue of  Villainous, from Obscure Reference Comics.

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  1. Agnes Enagan /

    Hi! I would just like to get in touch with the author of misfits…. Actually I just notice something on Season 2 Episode 7 (The last episode). Did Alisha told the present Simon all about future Simon? How? Because Curtis turn back the time on the day before the milkman and their group became famous…. Simon and Alisha just talked about the future Simon on the time they are famous. And do you have already a book of Misfits? I just knew about this tv series on this month and year and It really motivates me to write what’s on my mind. It just I do not know how to execute and elaborate the concepts of my story. I do not have the courage and strength to do and even publish it. It will just stay on my notebooks and scratch papers.

  2. OvibanKenobi /

    It would be awesome to hear another chat with Howard Overman now that Atlanis is in the making.

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