Green Arrow and Black Canary 022

So this is where the back up features start for the Green Arrow / Black Canary book then . This issue has been split between the continuation of the fight between the new villain Discord and Black Canary and the misadventures of Green Arrow and his new sweetheart Cupid. I have to say to start with the reason I picked this book is that Green Arrow and Black Canary seem to be victim of the title cannons that the big two are firing off at the moment and some gems like this get lost in the shuffle.

*Please note there are some spoilers for the issue in this review*

Black Canary story deals with how she found out about her powers and her mothers secret identity , all this is set along with the back-story of the new villain and how daddy didn’t understand his musical gift. This all plays in the background of Black Canary trying to save herself and Discord from falling from the building they exploded from last issue.

Then the “co-feature” deals with Green Arrow and Cupid fighting about Cupid’s motives for her actions only to be alerted to a domestic accident that turns out to actually be more sinister that has ended badly. But thankfully the new Green Arrow “Commissioner Gordon” type character shows up to stop Cupid from avenging the victim with a rather pointy object. The issue is rounded of with a talk between Dinah and Ollie about how she thinks he’s living too close to the edge and she wont tell him anymore because she doesn’t believe he would listen to anyone at this point.

But that’s not all people you even get a preview of the soon to  re-launch Doom Patrol which was only a taster but for someone who hasn’t read any before I’m quite interested and will review mine when I get it next month.

I thoroughly enjoyed this issue and thought the caring Mother/Daughter relationship of Dinah and her mother was paired very well against the cold Father/Sons of the Sonus family. But it helped the stories pace to have Wildcat appear and give some goofy but well meaning advice and to have the little action we did have with a very heavy on drama issue.

The art on this comic has taken a critical battering of late but I have to say that its as good as ever. The way that emotions and action are carried of so well together is a something to be seen to be believed , the talented artists managed to make expressions mean the world and splash pages count and not squandered.

GS Reviewer: Gareth Meredith

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