Hulk Issue 12 Review


With the impending issue 600 on its way soon, Jeph Loeb wraps up his Defenders/Offenders story arc, with predictable results. I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that I’m actually enjoying Loeb’s take on ol’ green skin. It’s due to the fact that everyone I know seems to have it in for Jeph Loeb or JLO as one of my mates calls him!

Although this storyline hasn’t been as enjoyable as the last two arcs, the last issue had the not-so-jolly green giant apparently killed by the new kid on the block, Red Hulk. Along with his old Defenders team, the Hulk and his red counter part are pawns of Marvel mainstays, the collector and his brother, the Grandmaster. In regards to the as yet unresolved identity of “Rulk”, a big reveal is planned for the aforementioned 600. Did anyone say Glenn Talbot?

Artwise, the best thing about this issue is artist Ed Mc Guinness. Since the start of the new series Guinness’s Hulk is by far one of the best renditions out there.

GS Rating: 3 and a half

GS Reviewer: Neil

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