Judge Dredd The Complete Case Files 03 – Review

The first thing I noticed about Case Files 03 is how much thinner this volume is compared to Files 01 and 02, but the quality of the stories more the makes up for this.

This volume really brings Mega City 1 and it’s residents to life and as we progress through the book the city becomes a character in it’s own right and not just a backdrop for Dredd.

Although we don’t get an epic such as the Cursed Earth there are some real gems on offer here. The stand out stories for me were Father Earth, The Black Plague (the art by Ron Smith is simply amazing the attention to detail will blow your mind) and the Judge Minty story, when he has to take the long walk because he’s too old to carry on as a Judge in the Mega City 1 is just brilliant.

But then we hit the really good stuff Judge Death and Blood of Satanus.

The Judge Death arc is just amazing, its has it all – a great story, great art – once again Brian Bolland’s artwork is fantastic as it has been in the previous two Case Files and you get an iconic villain in Death . Although it only lasts for three Progs there’s a lot of story going on and we also get introduced to the PSI Division and Judge Anderson. Judge Death is a total bad ass he’s just there to judge and you better not get in the way much like Dredd himself. The wrap up to the story is nice and I’ll be looking forward to seeing more of Judge Death and Anderson in Case Files.

Then we reach the final story Blood of Satanus, which really cranks up the horror factor and is quite unlike any of the stories that have come before. It’s very bleak and the resolution to the story certainly doesn’t pull any punches. I have to give a special mention a specific panel in the third part of this story, Dredd is standing on top of a building and is in silhouette – bloody lovely !!

The writing throughout is first class although it did take me little while (with the help of Wikipedia) to work out that John Howard is in fact John Wagner.

And if I had to live in Mega City 1 it would have to be in Des O’Connor Block, or close to Charles Atlas Bridge – some of these names have to be seen to be believed and if they don’t make you laugh out loud Dredd will be round to pay you a visit citizen.

Rating 5/5
No Dry Slaps

GS Reviewer: Nick Roberts

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