Judge Dredd: The Pit TPB Review


Mega-City One’s Sector 301, a.k.a. “The Pit,” is a low-income, high-crime area that also happens to be the dumping ground for bad judges.  It is the worst area in the city, until Judge Dredd is assigned to the Pit as sector chief to investigate the death of his predecessor, clean out the deeply-rooted corruption, and transform the Pit into a model sector.

“The Pit,” published in progs 970 to 999, is a very good story.  While it casts Dredd in a somewhat different light – he is more of an administrator than a street judge – he still finds plenty of time to do what he does best: crack the skulls of lawbreakers and make sure the law is upheld to its fullest.  No matter what role he has, he’s always unmistakably the Judge Dredd we all know and love.

Dredd certainly has his hands full, not only with lawbreakers like the Frendz mob, but also with rogue Wally Squad judges and judges selling weapons, taking drugs, and having unjudicial liaisons.  While somewhat unrelated at first, all the plot threads slowly weave together, culminating in the climactic final chapter.

While a few of Dredd’s familiar supporting cast appear in this story, like Giant and Castillo, a number of new characters make their first appearances here, like Galen DeMarco.  While she has gone on to have her own spin-off series, the rest of the characters are also well developed and have personalities and quirks all their own.  Even the good ones have a flaw of two, and those flaws help round out the characters well.

John Wagner wrote this story, so it’s no surprise that the man who knows Dredd the best was able to turn out such a high quality story.  Carlos Ezquerra, Colin McNeil, Lee Sullivan, and Alex Ronald help out on art duties, and not only does each turn out excellent work, but the pages all complement each other so the changes between artists never seem jarring.

Overall, there was nothing in this story I didn’t like.  It may not be on the same level as “The Day the Law Died” or “The Apocalypse War,” it is still a very high-quality read and definitely one for your shelves.

Stars out of five:  Four

Dry slaps:  Zero

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