Kingdom – The Promised Land Review

After much recommending (aka nagging) about how cool this was, how much I would enjoy it, and how much I should read it before the new Kingdom strip in 2000Ad kicks off I finally ordered a copy of this trade paperback and read it last weekend.

In one sitting.

Do I need to go on? Ok.

For anyone who doesnt know, the short version is that the story follows a pack of enhanced soldiers who have been bred for purpose (kind of like the Jem Hadar in DS9) and given the task of repelling “THEM”. Them being a huge race of mutated insects.
In the first arc we basically tag along with this pack on one of their tours and see what happens when they effectively lose contact with their unseen masters and dissent begins to show in the ranks. The second follows one lone soldier as he goes further into the belly of the beast.

When I started this, while I was REALLY enjoying it I was thinking as mentioned above that with a slight tweak this could be a Jem Hadar story due to the mentality of the soldiers, their small squad complete with a “First” and their almost religious devotion to their creators, but then it does then go off in its own direction and really does kick ass. I dont want to spoil too much of the story as there are some cool twists and turns, even if the reveal of the soldiers origins is kind of signposted by the art. I would say though that in the two arcs covered in this collection you really get a feel for the soldiers and the world in which they live and will definately want to see what happens next.

And as I briefly mentioned the art, I should add that it was REALLY nice stuff and the design of the soldiers and their insect opponents really sold how powerful and designed for war they were.

Was cool stuff, really enjoyed it.

GS Reviewer: Bluemeanie

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