Lava-Roid issue 1

So what we have here is a one off prequel comic to an upcoming live action web series soon to be available online at

Written by and starring Kevin Conn, who some of you will know as the man behind the internet and comic convention sensation “Unemployed Skeletor” with assistance by Stephen Lindsay, the guy behind Jesus Hates Zombies and Inspector Ham and Eggs, this book introduces us to the character of Lava-Roid and some of his rogues gallery

Knowing this book was, to my mind at least, more of a promo piece than an actual comic book proper, I wasn’t expecting too much from it, but was genuinely surprised by just how good it was. It’s full of fun ideas and even a pretty decent bit of action. And hell, it has a character called Heimlich The Nazi Bear, a bear filled with honey and hate. What’s not to like? He has a LITTLE HITLER MOUSTACHE FFS!

Seriously, if you didn’t know this was going to be a live action thing you’d happily read this book as a standard first issue without even slightly feeling it left you hanging at the end or was pushing you to follow further adventures elsewhere. That’s not saying you don’t WANT further adventures as I’ll admit it left me hungry for more, but it doesn’t feel like a teaser trailer… if that makes any sense whatsoever. It really does work in and of itself. I only mention this as I’ve read a few movie prequel comics that really don’t hold their own as anything more than warm up material or background.

It has some fun gags, some clever ideas (the super power of “The Dad” especially), the story rattles along and its very polished, not looking like your usual indie book at all. The art by Leanne Hannah and colouring by Paul Little really are Marvel/DC/Image standard and I couldn’t help but get a Battle Pope vibe off some of it, which seeing as Im a big Battle Pope fan is a good thing.

I really enjoyed it to the point where I kinda selfishly hope the internet thing crashes so they have to come back and continue the story in comic book form. Oh ok, you can do the internet thing as well. Even if the few pictures of the live action Lava-Roid in the book did leave me a little disturbed.

Definately worth checking out and in 5 years you get to be smug that you got in on the ground floor.
“Lava-Roid? Have I HEARD of it? Oh, I was reading that comic AGES ago! How lame are you?”
Instant nerd points.

GS Reviewer: Richard McAuliffe,

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