COMIC REVIEW: PsychoKiller: The Doctor Will See You Now!

This collection appeared in the British comic Toxic in 1991, created by the team of Pat Mills and Tony Skinner, Psychokiller is an action packed Supernatural Black comedy which infuses elements of The Exorcist with The Krays and just a touch of Pat Mills’ Doctor Who days.

Doctor Morbius and his patients

The Doctor’s rather unusual Patients!

It’s anarchic and violent but completely infused with Tony and Pat’s trademark humour.  After a Ouija board party goes wrong, the teenagers involved are beginning to be slaughtered one by one, it appears that the attempt to summon famous 50’s gangster Liquid Larry seems to have worked.  One of the group seems to be acting strangely, usually shy and awkward, he’s gained new found confidence, a penchant for 50’s music and slicking his hair back like he’s auditioning for a part in Grease.  Coincidence or possession?

Possession is 9/10 of the Law!

Enter the charismatic, quipping, Brilliant and slightly mad Doctor Morbius, he is indeed the Psychokiller of the title, in that he…kills psychos.  Possibly one of the more interesting twists having expected something slightly different from the inference in the title…but that’s part of the dynamic charm resonating through the narrative.  Morbius seems to know exactly what is going on and how to deal with it, the case opens with one of the surviving members of the seance being admitted into his care for psychiatric treatment.


The Doctor is in!

We are introduced to the Doctor’s patients and methods of curing their…unique occult conditions.  There’s a mastery inherent with this form of humour, sometimes while scanning through the panel you begin to feel a sardonic wry smile touching the corner of your mouth, it’s like a joke the creative team have shared with you privately.  Other times you find yourself laughing out loud at the ludicrous nature of the scene or in an unexpected twist of plot which segues into a carefully delivered punning line.

It’s very clever humour – it’s crafted into the action, and it’s a trademark Mills and Skinner adventure, there’s action, horrifically gruesome deaths, blood and intestines splashing on tiled floors.  It’s a captivating read and it’s an accessible story, not reliant on the reader knowing any complicated back story, like Accident Man, you can just pick it up and read.

The artwork invites you to enter this demented atmosphere, it’s stylish and detailed, some panels are thick with a dreamlike ambience with light and the use of light being very important, I was particularly struck with how lighting was reflected in the faces of the characters.  There’s also a ‘feel’ to each act of violence, I could almost hear the noises of the murders of the entrails being torn out and the blood splashing on the ceramic floors.  Absolute kudos to the artist Dave Kendall for depicting what must have been some of the most difficult scenes to illustrate (I’m imagining the conversation “Yeah, this demon, he looks like solid, liquid, mess with an eye missing…try and imagine a gurgling sound when he talks…”)

This is available on Comixology and it worth purchasing and delving into, it’s fun, disgusting and hits the mark.

The PsychoKiller – he kills Psychos!

Title: Psychokiller

Publisher: Millsverse

Publication Date : 10/10/2017

Rating: 4/5

Reviewer : Dr. Chris McAuley

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