Review: Angel & Faith #25

angel_faith_25It’s the finale issue for this brilliant series from Dark Horse, the sister comic to Buffy. Sadly it went out with a whimper rather than a gigantic bang we’d so hoped for.

Angel & Faith has been such a wonderful series, thanks to the combination of writer Christos Gage and artist Rebekah Isaacs.

Isaacs artwork has been consistently excellent, very emotive and at times really visceral and brutal, while Gage’s scripting has brought real humour, warmth and tension to the pages of this comic.

And so to the last issue itself. Angel is going down fighting. He makes one last attempt to reach out to Whistler to stop him releasing a magical plague that could wipe out most of humanity. Faith is still by Angel’s side trying to hold it together after losing more friends along the way.

Are they going to pull it off? And will there be casualties? Of course there will….this is a Whedon inspired drama, so you know it’ll be bloody.

The actual ending to this issue felt like a huge anticlimax, which is such a shame as it has been a great series. It felt like a cop out saccharine ending. The end also hinted that this was it for the series too and we are very disappointed. 

We are sad to see this Buffy spin off go. It felt like there was still so much more that could have been done with this team, plus with old characters turning up it had just started to get really interesting! Also it was brilliant to have a series set in London (who caught the hilarious David Tennant cameo?)

There’ll be some announcements soon from Dark Horse about the future of the Buffyverse comics. We can always hope they decide to carry on with this series, but we won’t hold our breath.

Rating: 3/5

Reporter: Sara Westrop

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