Star Wars Legacy

Writer: John Ostrander
Penciller: Jan Duursema
Inker Dan Parsons
Colorist Brad Anderson
Cover Artist: Adam Hughes

What’s it about? Star Wars: Legacy is a monthly comic series written by John Ostrander, primarily pencilled by Jan Duursema, and inked by Dan Parsons.. It is produced by Dark Horse Comics, and issue #0 was released June 7, 2006. Its tagline was: “All new Sith Order! All new Empire! All new Skywalker!”

The chief protagonist of Legacy is Cade Skywalker, a descendant of Luke Skywalker who has given up his Jedi heritage to pursue a life as a bounty hunter. The galaxy is in a state of civil war, with a Sith Lord seated on the Imperial Throne seeing his power being challenged by many different forces.

Why pick it up? I’ve talked about this comic series at length on the podcast but still haven’t really done justice. One of the reasons I was never a fan of the prequel movies is that Lucas and others have created such a rich and varied universe in Star Wars that I wanted to see something away from the characters we know and love from the movies. What I loved about this seres is that not only does it manage to craft it’s own Legacy (excuse the pun) but it still ties into some of the characters and stories from those six movies without becoming reliant on them.

Cade Skywalker, the central figure (although to be honest I would argue that there are quite a few main characters) is a great character and comes across as a kinda of cross between Luke Skywalker and Han Solo. All the characters in this comic have their own agendas and secrets some of which blew me away.

The art kicks ass can’t say much more than that. You get a real sense of movement in all of the actions scenes, especially the Lightsaber duels.

I would definitely say if your after another Star Wars fix then this series is worth checking out.

The first trade is called Broken. for more info on the trade and a preview head here

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