The Dark – Comic Review

Writer: Chris Lynch

Art: Rick Lundeen

The first issue of “The Dark” will be released in August of this year as a digital comic book, via iTunes, with three more issues in the pipeline. A graphic novel is planned for later in the year.

The Dark is the story of Daniel Abbot, a brilliant young scientist on the fringes of the establishment and the creator of Memetech – a technology that encodes information and memories into a liquid form, allowing anyone to “drink” the information. Terrified that his invention will be used for military purposes he decides to destroy his research, but not before he takes one last trip … with disastrous results.

The Dark has echoes of the Matrix about it but rather than having to sit in a chair with a bloody great spike getting rammed into the back of your skull you just need a slick black ‘Darkman style’ overcoat and a smart ass AI construct called Howard Hughes.

Look past the technology on show in the comic and you get a classic origin story involving a guilt ridden scientist trying to right the wrongs of the world while trying to atone for his own personal sins.

The art was solid and combined with snappy dialogue made for some cool fight scenes. I specially liked the loading of different skills sets on the fly to deal with the appropriate situation and be able to fire ‘pure information’ darts at people.

The plot was solid and I loved the idea of ‘liquid information’ and as is the case with so many revolutionary ideas how easily  this technology  can be corrupted.

Overall I thought the Dark  was a great, fast read and I’m looking forward to seeing how the story develops.

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GS Reporter: Nuge

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