Help Save Dunfermline’s Comic Con and Little Shop Of Heroes

I just saw online that Dunfermline Comic Con 2018 has just set up a gofundme page after it has had to be cancelled for safety reasons due to all the snow we’ve been having this week. Rather than me explaining what happened next I’m going turn it over to what the team have said on their gofundme page.

“Hi everyone

You have all probably heard by now that Dunfermline Comic Con 2018 was cancelled for safety reasons.

The snow just wouldn’t stop. This was a once in a lifetime Red Weather Warning event for mainland Scotland and couldn’t have been predicted 9 months ago when planning for the convention kicked in.

Dunfermline Comic Con is organised by Little Shop Of Heroes (a small family comic store) as a fund raiser for Books For Schools A charity aiming to put graphic novels in all of Fife’s Secondary School libraries. It is not for profit and a real community event. Over 50 volunteers help out on the day to make it a safe, inclusive and fun day out. It hosts comic creators from across the world and has a mission statement to increase literacy and access to reading for everyone in society.

The late cancellation of Dunfermline Comic Con has left Little Shop Of Heroes in emotional and financial turmoil.

Liittle Shop Of Heroes have already spent a huge amount of money organising and marketing the event and none of that money is recoverable. Very often the least expensive option is the one which is not refundable and we always strive to maximise the charity donation.

We have to pay back the vendors and ticket holders for payments they have made in good faith, in addition to honouring our commitment to Books For Schools and any invoices for services rendered still to come.

We need your help.

Please help us keep the dream alive.”

And also here’s a word or three from Douglas Chapman (MP)

“I would be delighted to see the Dunfermline and West Fife community come together to ensure the organisers of the Dunfermline Comic Con are not left out of pocket by the cancellation of Saturday’s event. This annual convention puts a spotlight on Dunfermline internationally and brings tourists to the town which is a great boost to the local economy.”

I really feel for the team as I’ve never organised a con myself but I’ve been involved with them (setting up/hosting panels) to know the amount of planning, hard work and effort that goes into them.

The gofund me page has a goal of £20,000 and currently they have raised £5,257 so they are still a way off from being able to cover their costs.

Every so often I say to myself what’s the point of having a geek website/podcast if you can’t do your bit to support folks trying to make geek culture the fabulous place we all know it can be.

Today is one of those days where we can do our bit to help out some fellow geeks. So if if you’ve got any spare cash then use the link below to head to the gofund me page which has been set up and help save Dunfermlines’s comic con and the Little Shop of Heroes Comic Shop. If you can’t donate then help by spreading the link to the gofundme page below.

Like the saying goes ‘every little helps’ so throw on your cape, roll up your sleeves geeks and lets get this done.

You can follow the organisers of the con Little Shop of Heroes on Twitter  and on Facebook

GS Reporter: Nuge

Source: Dunfermlines comic con

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